My name is Alessandro Sacco, I was born in Palermo on 19/11/1977 in a very poor family where there were born 3 children before. When my mother became pregnant with me, her relatives said to her: "you are so poor, why do you make so many children?  With 100.000 lire (money) you can abort and delete the problem of the fourth son." - My mother confided to a friend the intention to abort. But that friend said her: "You do not know what God wants to do with this child: Do not kill him!" - My mother followed his advice going against the whole family. At the age of a few months, miraculously I  lived through a sudden danger: walking on the balcony of my home, I put myself   under the railing and I was slipping down but my sister, five years old, takes my legs shouting: "Mummy help!" - In 1983, my aunt saw that I was limping  and she advised my mother a screening for me. The doctor suspected that it might be a paralysis, but after several examinations and tests they discovered that I had a tumour into the brain, the size of a mandarin (by almost cm. 4). The doctors operated me but   the  tumour was not removed wholly and after the surgery  I entered in coma of  second degree. My condition became worsen, my front was moving in an uncontrolled way, eyebrows and eyes began to beat irregularly and then began to go out foam from my mouth. My mother began to scream help desperately. The doctor ran and I did a puncture of tranquillizer. The next day the doctors came together into my room, and they required my mother to go out. Talking among themselves they said that I was entered in a coma for second grade and there was no more hope of rescue for me. When my mother knew this bad news, for the first time in his life she opened her heart to Jesus; she began to pray saying: "Lord, I obeyed  you and so I refused to abort, and now you want me to take away this child that I love? "- The next day something wonderful happened: I woke up from coma. Then I began the medical treatment of experimental chemotherapy and Cobalt therapy which were the cause of other serious problems, because after I was not able to digest the food easily. After staying in the hospital I went back home. For many years I had difficulty to walk on the street and a lot of people always looked at me with pity, making feel me  an abnormal person. In fact all my health problems had left my body crippled. Starting to go to school my problems became increased because I was mistreated by children and they brought down my pants and derided me because of my paralysis. I was not able to do nothing, not even to play football. One day, at school, I had to write an essay about what kind of job I wanted to do when I became grown up. Crying I realized that I had no answer. The teacher looked at me and changed to me the title of the theme. Walking on the road usually children spat up me, they stone me and piddled upon me. Soon I began to be depressed and I did not want to live anymore  and I thought to commit suicide. I hated myself and everybody else around me. I decided to remain closed into my house and never  to go out again. My mother pushed me to go out but every time I did it was always worse. For example, once had to escape from the other children and I returned home barefoot. Looking for help, I became very religious and I prayed to a large number of images of saints and Madonna. But none of them responded to my cry, until one day I said to my mother: "Mom, I want to see Jesus" - She replied that to see Jesus I had to die before,  and then I would not have seen more mom and dad. Then I said her: "I could die for a short time, to see Jesus, and  then return to earth again to my parents. Could it be impossible?" - In 1986, it happened a very particular episode. My father blasphemed against God and I became angry and I said him: "Dad, you must pray to Jesus, not curse him!" - And he removed me with indignation. In a corner of the house I started to cry and suddenly I saw Jesus really. Initially I could not see his face, but then I saw him clearly. I fell on my knees and I began to repeat the prayer "Our Father." The vision disappeared and I run to my mother shouting: "Mum, my heart is beating strong  ..." - I was so happy and I told her about the vision. Initially she did not believe me, but when she saw that I spoke seriously she decided to find out among all the religions that she knew, if it was really possible to see Jesus. The day after my mother met a lady of evangelical faith to whom she asked whether it was possible to see Jesus. That  woman spoke to her about Jesus and told of many people who had made the experience of seeing Jesus. Back home, my mother told me everything and so we decided to go to the store where the lady worked. That day the store had to be closed for rest, but the woman was pushed by God to go to the store; the voice of the Lord said to her: "go and open the store because I send to you one of my daughter." - After that meeting, I and my mother decided to receive Jesus Christ as our Saviour, confessing to God our sins, and accepting his sacrifice on the cross for the salvation of our souls. After a few years a voice said to me: "you will go round the world to preach the gospel." But I refused that voice because of my physical problems, because I was not able to wash or dress myself. In 1992 the evangelist international group of "Christ is the Answer" came to Palermo with a large tent, and I began to attend it. During a prayer meeting I saw a vision: I flew above the clouds and then I saw myself in front of Jesus, who held in his arms my body full of wounds and blood. With his hand he touched my body, and then my wounds and blood disappeared. Then, he pointed at the sky and said to me: "Up there in the heaven, there is a place for you too." - After I understood that the healing was referring to my heart and that I could not speak about Jesus staying to feel hate to myself and others. On 30 March 1995 I joined the group "Christ is the answer". In 1998 I was in the city of Crotone and tried to donate my blood at a collection centre. They said to me that it was impossible because I am short (mt. 1.27 because of treatments suffered). Anyway I did a general check of my state of health. Then they said to me: "Mr. Sacco, according to the analysis, you have a  short time to live because you have problems with diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid, pituitary, arthritis, scoliosis and osteoporosis.” - Returning to the tent I began to cry and said to the Lord: "I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid to suffer because I have already suffered a lot." - While I prayed I saw an other vision. I saw my body as a small thumb and the hand of God covered me, and the Lord said to me: "You will not die until my hand will be above you. Your journey of life will be difficult, but never fear! I will be always with you. "- One day the doctors said to me that because of my sicknesses  I had to leave the tent to treat me better. But I prayed Jesus and he gave me an other vision. I saw a shining light and a man sitting who I could not see his face, and I, small, standing before him who said to me: "Remain firm, don’t  move yourself  where I place you." - To this day the doctors say that I have only two years of life due to other health problems. In fact I have one lung that is not working well and I am allergic to dust and mites, and this could cause a fatal asthmatic attack. But I have decided to serve the Lord in the mission against any adverse circumstance, because I know that He cares for me and I can have peace only being in His presence. So, dears friends, if you have big problems, know this: at the foot of Christ’s cross there is an answer for your life.